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The Doctor and his team is very caring. Staff are very supportive. He has taken utmost care even after surgery and make sure that we get what & how we want and nothing goes another way.

Ragini Shukla

Breast Reduction

Dr Gv Spent lot of time on explaining the procedure. All the staff are very good, procedure was done well. I’m satisfied with excellent results. I would highly recommend Dr GV to anyone who want to do the same procedure

Shiji Mathew

Body Sculpting

Dr GV is very highly skilled and I would consider him to be the best Surgeon in India. He is very Friendly and provide accurate solution for my treatment. I would highly recommend to all.

Vishwanath Thakka

Facial Aesthetics

Dr Gunasekar is very approachable and a real artist in understanding the Aesthetic that a women look for. Staff never made me home sick. Genuine & Emphathetic.


Facial Aesthetics

I’m convinced with the service & explaination provided and seeing Googd results. Reasonable cost of service. Dr Gv is Highly qualifies and Experienced. Overall a Good factor and highly recommended.

Guneshwar Singh

Hair Transplantation

The Procedure was done with Due attention and maximum care by the doctor and his team. I was very impressed with the outcome. Well done.


Hair Transplant

Fat is finally out as promised by Dr Gv, the result was excellent. Promise matches delivery. His staff are very sweet and accomedative and well trained. Thanks to Dr Gv for handling this with utmost care.

Ume Shankergape

Body Sculpting

The consultation was very responsive where the consultant was able to explain the procedure methods in a very simplified manner. I’m satisfied with over all results.

Sandeep Srivatsa

Hair Transplant



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Copyright 2019 DRGVG.COM   All Rights Reserved