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Aesthetic & Anti-Aging makeover of FACE


Name: Mrs PH
Age: 49
Problems: Droopy eyebrows, cheeks, wrinkles, saggy neck with double chin
Experience: A House wife, doing lots of social service as an active Lioness on behalf of Lions club, gradually with aging signs creepin in her apprehensions about her looking aged became very apparent lately and her husband indicated this as a concern, avoiding her in the social gatherings and so on. She could not accept this situation beyond a point and chose to reclaim her youth and looks to make a come back in social life. after having tried several clinics in this endevour finally efforts ended in DrGVG Aesthetic Clinics. The team of Aesthetic medical practitioners headed by Dr Gunasekar Vuppalapati provided a comprehensive consultations and aesthetic and anti aging treatments to ensure she is finally happy, confident by restoring her Aesthetic, mental and social well being.
Treatment: Endoscopic KEYHOLE brow lift, mid face lift, Ultrapulse Fractional CO2 LASER , Botox/Fillers & Vaser Liposculpting of Face & Neck
After procedure: Happy with family life, Husband proud of her to be accompanied to gatherings and busy with social service, looking younger and prettier
Essence of the CASE : Sometimes, we may be physically well with no illnesses but we are considered healthy only when we have Physical, Mental and social wellbeing not merely absence of any disease. So, Mrs PH realised her mental wellbeing was affected as result of marital discord due to her premature aging looks which in turn affected her Social wellbeing. Essence is the Aesthetic wellbeing place an important role in keeping healthy in the modern society

Facial Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Makeover


Name: Mrs SJ
Age: 69
Problem: Saggy cheeks, chin & neck
EXPERIENCE: a Business woman of 4 children, living in TRINIDAD , West Indies with indian connections planned to look younger and prettier for her 70th birthday.
Treatment: Endoscopic mid face lift, jaw line correction & neck lift, thigh lift
After procedure: Happily celebrated her 70th birthday in TRINIDAD with her friends and relatives who have come from around the world. She claimed that she was showered with unprecedented compliments for her awesome Anti Aging Miracle.
Essence of the CASE: Age is no bar to look younger as long as you keep your physical, Mental and social well being. India is an emerging medical tourist destination since a decade, now more visit for a month or so and return to their home country younger, bold and beautiful.


Name: Ims
Age: 29 yrs
Background: A cabin crew member in domestic airline, wanted to join International flight. Now working in film industry.
Problem: Excess skin and fat in upper eyelid; asymmetrical eye brow, unhappy with size and shape of nose, small chin and undefined jawline, chubby cheeks, totally a square face
Treatment: Rhinoplasty, Jaw line correction, Vaser Lower face,& neck, lip augmentation, Endoscopic brow lift, Blepharoplasty, Chin augmentation.
Ims says that she got confident to appear for the interview with International airline company only after the makeover at DrGVG. She appeared well and got selected. Gradually she has left the flying job and landed in the film industry. Now she is an upcoming Kannada Star and playing lead roles with prominent heros. I am totally transformed to a beautiful actress with all aesthetic features and I am thankful to Dr Gunasekar Vuppalapati and his team.



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Copyright 2019 DRGVG.COM   All Rights Reserved