The Perfect Smile that you have always wanted is now easier and more affordable to get than ever before with our smile design technique indicated for the following dental problems
  • Spaces or small gaps between teeth
  • Anatomically malformed teeth
  • Unsightly stained teeth/Washed-out fillings
  • Permanently stained/discolored teeth that can't be bleached
  • Enamel discolorations
  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Protruded teeth
  • Gummy smile
  • Fractured teeth
Men or women, white, wheat or black all wish to have a pleasing face to merit their ethnic background and gender identity. if any isolate part having issue is easily resolved with a respective corrective or enhancing procedure such as a nose job, chin job, eyelid blepharoplasty or a brow lift. However, if one does have a number of issues, it may prove expensive but certainly in the hands of skilled aesthetic Plastic surgeons of DrGVG shall make an aesthetic assesment to identify and fix with a correct mix of relevant aesthetic facial procedure needed to make a complete and lasting makeover of the face.
This is often a middle age men and women alike particularly after a few cycles of weight gain & lose, people often choose this to overcome the midlife crisis to make new begining with a new wardrobe and a new lifestyle. In this aesthetic body makeover, any excess fat is sucked out, skin nipped and tucked here and there or all over are either dealt with all at once or in stages based on ones fitness, readiness, affordability and so on. this involves one or a combination of bodycontouring techniques as mentioned in Aesthetic Body page.
Marriages have always been a much anticipated, dreamt, major event, turning point in every one’s life men and women alike. Often arranged in India, happens by chance or choice in the west, whichever way but one thing is common i.e Matching. Matching generally by like vs like - Linguistic matching, Colour, Height...... and so on. You have got to be desirable if you want to match with desirable LIFE PARTNER by all meanse. If you are particular about looks so is your prospective partner. Good thing is it is now possible to become good looking through Aesthetic makeovers.

Now a days, Wise and Rich do lot of planning and the years of preparation not only for the big day but for married life itself. The Aesthetic makeovers are increasingly becoming a part of these preparations. Such Makeover by itself requires meticulous:
  • Planning, Timing, Execution & Maturity
Mothers in 30s and 40s after years busy rearing children are now busy toning their belly, breast and body through tucking, lifting and contouring at DrGVG increasingly in the last 5 yrs. This is typically chosen by mothers when the kids have become independent and seeking their own private time i.e once the youngest kid enters high School. All of a sudden parents find private time for themself and figure out that they still have decades of young life. Often couples come with their small children to debate what went wrong with her belly, breast and sometimes body from one or two pregnancies they witnessed, discuss the options, associated risks, downtime and usually schedule it according to their children school holidays. Objective of Mummy makeover is to restore the body shape and dimensions to pre pregnancy state. But if one did not have Aesthetic contours before pregnancy, likely to get more aesthetic than ever before and best part is the results will stay as it is not going to be undone with pregnancies anymore. Procedures ranges from non-surgical toning treatments with results lasting for months to Surgical treatments fixing the issue for ever.
Careers in industries such as Aviation, Fashion, Big screen, Small screen entertainment in particular, other industries in common have become biased by beauty for entry and in career growth.
The demand for a Aesthetic makeovers of Smile/ Face/ Body is growing among the aspirants of growth in the above mentioned industries in the recent years. The aspirants of a particular career learn about the potential, existing competition and Aesthetic requirements apart from the all the other routine criteria. Beauty by choice not chance Gone are days when Aspirants pursue such careers if they are born beautiful by chance, In the modern world possibilities, they make a choice and make themself beautiful enough to meet the aesthetic criteria and make a successful careers.
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  • I extremely happy with this. I mostly concern about wearing different kind of dresses and before I used to keep the readymade cuffs available, now I don’t have such type of problems and it was irritating for me earlier
    Ms.Anagha : BBR
  • I was born with the cleft lip and cleft pallet and I had under gone three cosmetic surgeries at birth and couple of them after that to improve the appearance of my deformed nose and my deformed lip.
    Ms.Geetha : Cleft Correction
  • Hi, It was the good experience I had nose…… and chin…… so, you know it was good experience and most memorable and important thing here is they are very caring and they cared a lot and I really felt good.
    Kavitha : Rhinoplasty
  • Hi, Actually I was suffering from Gynaecomastia from past 5 years and it was actually hell for me from last 5 years like nothing was working fine.

    Neeraj : Vaser Lipo Selction