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Ms Jyothi
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Are silicone implants are associated with cancer?
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Doctor Speaks - Gunasekar Vuppalapati
I take immense pleasure in inviting you to DrGVG Aesthetic CIinics, a world class facility dedicated to address your aesthetic concerns. Once you are our guest, the DrGVG team will stay beside you throughout the journey of making a pleasing change in you and go an extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.
During my stint in UK as an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon, I had been a part of Extreme Makeover series and I found that the best results are an amalgamation of team effort where brilliant minds with modern tools make all the aesthetic difference. I had then conceptualized the idea of offering such a facility and service that addresses all concerns related to aesthetics under one roof in India.
Before and After Pics
  • I extremely happy with this. I mostly concern about wearing different kind of dresses and before I used to keep the readymade cuffs available, now I don’t have such type of problems and it was irritating for me earlier
    Ms.Anagha : BBA
  • I was born with the cleft lip and cleft pallet and I had under gone three cosmetic surgeries at birth and couple of them after that to improve the appearance of my deformed nose and my deformed lip.
    Ms.Geetha : Cleft Correction
  • Hi, It was the good experience I had nose…… and chin…… so, you know it was good experience and most memorable and important thing here is they are very caring and they cared a lot and I really felt good.
    Kavitha : Rhinoplasty
  • Hi, Actually I was suffering from Gynaecomastia from past 5 years and it was actually hell for me from last 5 years like nothing was working fine.

    Neeraj : Vaser Lipo Selction

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